I think I could be over the hill, or under it?

Damn I feel old. Twice today my perception has proven me wrong. First while driving past a local university I made a comment to my passenger on how it must be high school day as I observed all of these kids walking the campus sidewalks. No, not high school kids, but college freshman- what I thought looked sixteen is actually eighteen....that can be a big difference to a lot of those kids, err I mean young adults. Second I made acquaintances with an intelligent girl this afternoon. After many discussions of shared ambitions and design theory we exchange info. She asked for help with her work and I offered to give it a look. Later, as I followed up to make sure she wasn't just full of shit and bored I find that she wasn't completely honest with her information. No, not eighteen but fifteen. Big difference. Now lets not let our minds go to dirty places, but if I were looking at her that way I would have guessed at least eighteen or nineteen. Needless to say I was only offering design help, with no extras, but the wrong person could easily get the wrong idea and end up regretting that cocktail. When did kids start growing up? When did grown-ups start looking younger then me? If it was my daughter/son, I would definitely be locking up the big kids clothes until college, and when she/he heads to college I will be damn sure to make her/him dress her/his respected age and not be mistaken for some high school fuck. Really, twelve year olds looking all hilton and lohan, matching outfits with their moms. What the fuck?

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