Slow my roll

Everyone has their own sense of process. No matter what the task is ( for me it's starting a new piece, or finding the next step, or just playing with others ideas), it seems that we all tend to work with some sort of method. For most people, it goes step 1, then 2, then 3 and so on until the end. Others may start with 1 then jump to the end and fill in the gaps between. For me, I start with 12,453,005, then I remember "shit thats a whole lot of fucking numbers" and desperately search for 1. I can't help but to start this way, which hurts my production something terrible. I keep finding myself dropping out of ideas, leaving so many good starts orphaned. So the new plan, as of two weeks ago, is to start with 1. Everytime I jump ahead I try to ground myself, and focus on nothing but 1. It feel slow, but positive. I doubt I can ever really work this way, but giving it a try should give me some sort of feeling, good or bad. Who knows, it could end up feeling fucking great.

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