If it wasn't official before, it is now. Fuck.


Scruffy, but brilliant.

It has been months. Eight, or maybe nine agonizing, but truthful months. Facing myself has felt like an endless build up, but with one swift blow I realease a torrent of blood. Disgusted with what I was, I plan to walk away from it. Fucking ronin are always on my back looking for a fight.



Not much to say, so I havn't said it. I have been asleep for fucking weeks now.



There is a lot of fucking shit to be afraid of out there. Trust me.



I don't like killing bugs. I've killed living things before, more then I wanted to, but I try my hardest not to kill the little guys. It's not really all that fair- I mean I'm much bigger then them, big enough to be part of the landscape. It feels like beating up a little kid. My patience can only go so far though. Bugs with stingers, or ones that burrow into my flesh- you're getting whacked. Spiders, I'll pick you up and take you outside. Silverfish move to fast, its fucking creepy- so they too bite it. Flys and knats, well I tend not to kill you unless you are really fucking annoying. I really wish this fucking hairy ass fly would stop landing on me, papa doesn't want to have to kill again.....


Tha's right

Fuck posting everyday.